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You Are Frustrating - My Slumbering Heart

jan. 12e, 2012

10:36 pm - You Are Frustrating

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I can say that somewhere can't I? It all seems so calculated and yet I can't seem to make the calculations make sense. I don't in fact know that I have ever been this confused...ever in my life...by a person. I suppose you go back and forth. I suppose I know lots of reasons why. I also suppose I just want to look at things from my own perspective without considering all of yours. It's hard to try to think of all of yours when I just want to sulk about mine.

There are truths written in stone that we cannot know at this time. So I just have to bide my time. Patience has never been an asset of mine. But at least here I am free to write.

I feel that I tried. Rightly or wrongly I have. And it's out of my hands now...and really that's probably a good thing. I try to take advice from stupid movies...solace in lives different than my own. I just keep trying to buy myself time.